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Susan Pabijan Fox


Application Developer Analyst with Mainframe and Midrange applications.  Branching into Web Development and Java skills thru continuing education.  Demonstrated abilities in business and technical analysis and creating and debugging new and enhanced software modules.  Led and assisted in team project life cycle activities with the common goal of a product that meets the customer’s requirements. Detail oriented, quality focused and deadline driven.


Technical Skills Summary

Achieved strong command of the following computer languages, operating systems and tools.

Languages:  Java J2SE, Visual Basic, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XHTML, CSS, SQL, DB2, PHP, CGI-Perl, Javascript, C+

Operating systems:  MVS, zOS, Windows Systems

Tools:  TSO/ISF, Changeman, Librarian, Expeditor, MS Products: WORD, ACCESS & EXCEL, VISIO, Netbeans, Eclipse with Android ADK and SDK, Dreamweaver, Drupal 7

Job History


Independent Software Developer                                                                              1/2010 – Present


Have updated websites and Javascripts for various clients.  Added PHP features to my family website and slowing adding features to software site.  Have created a KCup coffee inventory system using PHP, Javascript and MySQL on the family website. 

Have developed and published several Android applications to the Google Android Marketplace using Eclipse and Java.

Created several Android Applications to Google Marketplace:

  • Contact Phone Tree & Contact Phone 15 –  One of the applications is for Android 2.0 and the other is for 1.5.  These applications provide a way to filter your Contacts by a string put in the Notes area of a Contact.  Either app then has a menu of this subset of Contacts and will link using Intents to the Contact record so that you can call or text.
  • Oboe Fingering Chart -  Fingering chart reference tool that uses XML  resources to define the various arrays of fingering images.  This application was developed with calls to Google Ads.
  • Recipe Nutritional Calculator – This app has a database of recipes with detailed nutritional information about each ingredient.  The detailed information is used to calculate the per serving information.  Ingredients can be substituted to view the effect on the results.

Other applications not yet published:

  • Glycemic Food Index – This application features a tabbed layout showing the glycemic index of various food items by category.  The initial database is loaded from XML array into a SQL Lite Database.  Have been looking for a good source of the nutritional information before publishing the application.
  • Droid Bike Log – Application to log bicycle ride information to a SQL Lite Database.  This version can export the rides to a CSV file to be imported into a companion Java application


New Albany Plain Local Schools, New Albany, Ohio                                                          8/2008 – 8/2011

·Transportation Specialist/Administrative Assistant

  • Provide transportation for students to and from school.  Also assist in field trips for school events.  Have assisted in data scrubbing of student information using Java to a MS Access Database. This was preparation for an upcoming student software conversion to a different student management product.

Specialized Bicycle Components, Grove City, Ohio                                                  3/2008 – 08/2009

Warehouse Associate

Pick customer orders and pack orders for shipping.


Parking Solutions, Columbus, Ohio                                                                                11/2007 – 12/2007

Seasonal position providing employee shuttle service for Easton Town Center


Manpower, Columbus, Ohio                                                                                         4/2007 – 6/2007

Business Analyst – Contractor to Abbott Labs


  • Participated in a project to review feeding pump repair records using client's online system.  The team documented and closed records based on the client's procedures and finished the backlog of processing ahead of schedule.  This assignment used my Microsoft Word skills, along with basic PC knowledge.


Now Software, Columbus, Ohio                                                                                12/2006 – 3/2007

Software Developer – Independent Contractor


  • Researched and provided recommendation of a Java Spellchecking addon module.   Engineered Java J2SE proof of concept to use SentrySpelling product in JText components to detect misspelled and duplicate words during data entry. Constructed JpopupMenu for use of end customer to correct single word errors and implemented a  JDialog  to allow end customer to process all misspelling/duplicates in the JText component.
  • Modified existing import file Class to add an existing status dialog strategy and implement a thread to process the import file and interact with the status dialog.  Added to and used Junit software tests to verify import Class.
  • Provided bug-fix support to Java J2SE application in download status frame area and proposed correction to JXTable scrolling behavior using the Netbeans 5.0 development software.



 JPMORGAN CHASE, Columbus, Ohio                                                             10/1999 – 8/2006


Application Developer/Analyst III, Host Middleware Systems


Designed and developed enhancements to loan payments middleware systems using COBOL as part of recent enterprise release.  Increased flexibility of the online banking application so that customers can perform different payment transactions such as principal only, interest only, and service fee only to their loan accounts.  All software development and deployment used the Changeman system.


  • Served as subject matter expert (SME) debugging activities of the JAVA middleware proof of concept project.  Developed COBOL CICS middleware business function interface to the enhanced ‘customer information stops’ function.  Used existing testing methods to complete interface testing of the stops function.  Determined additional fields were needed in the output response from CIS application.  Partnered with the CIS application to include the additional fields, which resulted in a more complete business function for the channel application.
  • Revitalized JAVA programming language skills learned during training sessions by engineering JAVA J2SE modules to execute FTP commands and transmit files from mainframe to PC. Created this process to increase personal effectiveness and further the bank’s training investment until the completion of the middleware JAVA system proof of concept project.


Various Software Development Positions                                                                  to 10/1999





Bachelors of Science in Computer & Informational Science



  • Certificate in Web Development with Java


IBM Global Services : WSADI Class, XML Programming Class, Develop & Test Object Oriented Programs, Intro to Developing OO Applications with Java

New Horizons Computer Learning Center, CIW – Java Programmi

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