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birth date
Cooper February, 2007

Cooper is a rescued dog from the Delaware Humane society and is very shy. He has graduated to top dog now.

Roxanne May, 2006

Roxanne is my 'grand' dog and is the pet of my daughter, Cecelia and her husband, Kevin

Rudy August, 1995

Rudy came to live with us as a puppy. He helped us during the sad time of my Mom passing away. He had a long life and is in heaven with Patches.

Hermit Crab June, 1995

Edgar got this pet from his fourth grade teacher.  Hermit crabs make their home in abandoned shells.

Patches February, 1990

Patches was our tall beagle. We had Patches and Rudy at the same time. Rudy was the puppy that brought the puppiness out in Patches. Rudy would hide under the swingset and make Patches bark at him.  This is a photo of Patches playing with Roxanne.  Patches has gone over the Rainbow bridge now.

Goldie February, 1990

Cecelia won a goldfish in a bag when she was young. We progressed from small bowl to medium tank until the end of "Goldie" the goldfish.

Chuckie August, 1981

Chuckie was our first pet after Mike and I got married. We both had knee surgery in the same year

Hooded Rat

We ended up adopting a Hooded Rat from COSI, where Mike and I did volunteer work. The lady rats play basketball there.


Yes, we also had hamsters. They sure are noisy at night. Do not use wood shaving as their bedding as "Buttons" had a blocked intestine due to the shaving being stuck in his system.

African Frog

We had an African frog in the goldfish tank as it was supposed to help clean the tank. He lasted until "Goldie" ate his leg.


I had a pet Parakeet named, Jack in my first apartment and in our first house. Jack loved to watch football on TV from his little perch outside his cage.

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