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A Bicycling Week

Posted by on August 24, 2012

Two Rides with, and One Ride without

This week, I had two bicycle rides with Leona and one ride without. We are having cooler weather in the morning and that makes it a more pleasant riding time with Leona. Monday we rode from Leona’s house on the Three Creeks Trail down to Heron Pond parking lot. Leona is working to perfect her walking skills (or is it toddling skills?). She just enjoys walking around and exploring her environment. We arrived about 9:30 am and walked around the grassy area, said hello to some dogs going for a walk and dropping shoes. I first thought that one foot is bigger than the other and that is why Leona would drop a shoe off her foot when I would pick her up, but she would drop either shoe.
We arrived at the bagel shop and enjoyed a mid-morning snack. Cecelia went to her yoga class and beeped her horn as she passed us by at the bagel shop.

Relaxing by the Lane Avenue Bridge

We started our Wednesday ride at Whetstone, Park of Roses. As we were waiting for Carl to join us, we walked around the parking lot and grassy area by the shelter house. We saw more people with dogs and even got to see Mike’s cousin, Anna, taking a walk with her dog. Carl, Leona and I then rode to our usual Lane Avenue bridge waiting area. Along the way we found a confused OSU student that did not know about the Dodridge Bridge detour. We were going that way and helped her through the detour. Leona sat in the trailer for a few minutes before walking and playing in the area. She is quiet in this photo as she had just woken up from a mini-nap. We continued as a group to a cafe in German Village and ate food at an outside table. Leona was distracted by all the different people and didn’t eat all her food. I think it was the fruit mixture that was laced with vegetables. We rode back to the Scioto Audubon Park for a restroom break (for both of us) and then down to the playground area for kid friendly activities.

Leona tries to remove stones from the stone walkway

Most of our time was spent, just walking around and watching the rock climbers, until Leona discovered the playground slide. She did not figure out how to climb up the stairs and found that Baba would help her go backwards up the slide and hold her hands as she would slide down. Good upper body strength training for Baba.

Leona learned to like a misting pole

After a good half hour of playing, I reluctantly took Leona over to a water misting station. She loved it. She had been by one of these at Zoo and didn’t like it. It probably helped that she was hot from busy baby playing.
Friday was my usual ride from Hilliard to Plain City. This was a faster ride as I was not towing a child trailer behind me.
Many exciting events are coming up! Leona’s 1st birthday party, The Greek Festival and the Shekinah Festival. More reasons to blog!

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