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The Terrible 6 Weeks?

Posted by on October 6, 2011

Leona is too busy to sleep

Cecelia has had a hard couple of days. Leona has not been in the mood to sleep after eating in the afternoon. She will nod off for 5 to 10 minutes, but her body would not relax. She would then wake, look around and then suddenly cry. Cecelia said that she could barely make a lunch on Wednesday and she did not want to lay in her crib. Any ideas?

On a brighter side – Grandpa and Leona rest

Let's rest, Grandpa!

Perhaps, Grandpa should visit more often and help put her to sleep!

One Response to The Terrible 6 Weeks?

  1. mary

    hey there! Liv was like this too between 5-7 weeks. Our Dr said around this time is when they go thru a mini growth spirt where they are more hungry and just not satisfied with anything.

    Also he put Liv on over the counter Milicon drops (not sure if its spelled right) becasue she was getting gas bubbles. She would burp and toot lol all the time, but the bubbles were still hurting her tummy. Once we started the drops she started relaxing more. We also had to resort to letting her sleep in the swing. We had a travel swing that sits real low on the floor so we could sleep by her. The movement helped with those bubbles too. Different Drs. suggest diff things so have her check with Leona’s Dr to see if they would reccomend it or not. And keep track of the times of day and when she does the sudden crying. If it turns out to be Cholic or Acid Reflux they will ask how often these things happen. Its easier to remember if you write it down or tally when ever it happens. You might find a pattern, or it could be after Cecelia eats something that doesnt agree with Leona. lol I made that mistake with Mexican food……. :)

    Hope this helps. Love you guys and see you soon!

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