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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween! Cecelia found this cute outfit for Leona to wear on Halloween. This day was a hard day and she didn’t get a good afternoon nap. So, I got a message that the Doenges family would not be coming over to do Leona’s first trick or treat. Then I got a message from Kevin … Continue reading »

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Babies and Swing Chairs

Leona enjoys various chairs Kevin and Cecelia have the pleasure to use these chairs from Kevin’s sister. Each child is unique on the type of chair that they enjoy being in. The blue chair is what I would call a ‘rumble’ seat and has a vibrating function. The yellow chair fits in the automatic swinging … Continue reading »

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A Gaggle of GrapeNuts

How Many Boxes of GrapeNuts Does One Man Need? Cecelia invited me over to the her house to visit with her, Leona and Grandma Doenges. As I was going to get a glass of water in the kitchen, I noticed the large quantity of GrapeNuts cereal. What will I get Kevin for his gag gift … Continue reading »

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Cooper Plays With a Toy

Of Course, Food is Involved A couple of days ago, we let Cooper go outside before bedtime, and he came back in in a wild mood. Mike threw a chew toy across the room and he chased it and brought it back. We did this a couple of times and then I put some dog … Continue reading »

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Pumpkin Happiness

Better Weather on Friday of the Pumpkin Show The Doenges and Fox family had hoped to visit the Circleville Pumpkin Show on Thursday, but it ended up being a cold, windy and rainy day. Thursday had a lot of baby activities. And  Friday had the pet parade. This is one of my favorite festivals.  What … Continue reading »

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Not at the Pumpkin Show today

A Winnie-the-pooh kind of day Today was a rainy and blustery day. It was very rainy as some parts of Central Ohio are on a flood watch and very windy. Cecelia and I agreed that today was not the best day to go to the Circleville Pumpkin Festival, so Leona, Roxanne and Cecelia came over … Continue reading »

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Happy Baby Video!

Every so often, Leona has time of happiness between the sad crying times.  Enjoy the happy video.  This was taken on Tuesday while Cecelia went to an appointment.

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Fall is in the Air, Leaves are on the Ground

Autumn is a Beautiful Season Fall is a great season with the change in the color of the leaves and decorations for Autumn and Halloween seasons. Edgar and I have a good time walking when we have sunny days. It’s great exercise too! Here is a start of Halloween decorations. What do you call a … Continue reading »

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Leona goes to Yoga!

Leona enjoys Yoga from a different view Today was a rainy day, so Baba joined Cecelia and Leona as Leona attended her first yoga class as a visitor. She has had many months as a visitor to yoga, but this time she was on the outside and not the inside! Cecelia enjoyed her class, but … Continue reading »

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A Swinging Good Time!

It’s Great to See a Happy Baby Leona spent a little time this morning in the swing while Cecelia took her shower. Later that day, she spent more time in the swing and had a good time. It sure looks like she is enjoying this swing time!  It’s great to hear her happy giggles.

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