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Self Study

Time has passed since my last education update. I've had the opportunity to take the second Java class, XML and ASP.NET classes and haved graduated from Sinclair Community College with a Certificate in Web Development with Java. Since then, I haved studied PHP and CGI Perl on my own. With my recent learning of the Drupal 7 Content Management System, I have learned how to create a Virtual Linux box on my laptop.  Any further self-study will be done on my virtual box and not the live box anymore. Future plans include completing my CGI-Perl education and learning Ruby on Rails.

Sinclair Community College

After various job searches and misc positions, I decided to return for training in current software development technology in Web and Java development. Because of taking an introduction to Web Development using Dreamweaver and introduction to XHTML & CSS, I decided to create this site.
I found out about Sinclair through OhioLearns.Org. You can register for an online course to see if online learning is for you and search for colleges and universities in Ohio that have the courses you are interested in.

The Ohio State University

At the end of my high school education, I was given a choice to go to Cleveland State University or out of town and attend OSU with my brother, Michael. Since I was ready to spread my wings, I came to Columbus Ohio. I took a biology class that had testing on computer terminals (new technology in the early 70's) and was fascinated by that technology. So, I studied Computer Science and received a B.S. from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences.

IBM Global Services

I attended some on-site object-oriented, XML and Java classes given by IBM Global Services while working at JPMorganChase. They were just short classes, but provided an introduction to Java and object oriented software development. Made me want to do more!

New Horizons Learning Centers

Here is another fine company that provided Java training while working at JPMorganChase. This was an off-site class which helped us concentration on our studies. Because of the instructor, I was introduced to Crimson Editor, which is a multi-purpose text editor that can be configured to compile and run java or test HTML using your favorite browser.

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